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a tribe dedicated to the works and inspiration of timothy leary with an emphasis on thinking for yourself and questioning authority, SMI2LE (space migration, increasing intelligence, life extension), psychedelics, brain change / mind formation, scientific humanism, info/exo-psychology, interpersonal diagnosis of personality and "floating down the stream." RSS Feed what is XML?

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my new book on the 8-Circuit Brain  topic
OT: New Tribe  topic
The Frequency of Love  review
Angel Tech: 8-Circuit Brain Online, 3/16-5/10  topic
Entheogen: Awakening the Divine Within Screenin...  topic
Antero Alli discussing the 8-Circuit Brain (video)  topic
Orphan Works Bill: Gov. Geared To Exploit Artists!  topic
Tim Leary & the Pink Power Pills / Gain Ground  topic
st. hofmann tRIP  review
New series on YouTube about Timothy Leary  topic
Antero Alli Podcast  review
Antero Alli Podcast  review
Podcasts On NLP, Mythology, Spiral Dynamics, 8 ...  review
Antero Alli Podcast part 2 - circuits 3-8  review
The 8 Circuit Brain Model, Part 1 - Conversatio...  topic
Albert Hofmann, father of drug LSD, dies in Swi...  topic
Joanna Harcourt-Smith  topic
I am Joanna Hearcourt Smith Leary and I deserve...  topic
DJ FANTAPSY - Tales From The Darkpsyde Vol.1  review
8-Circuit Brain online course starts March 3rd  topic
Entheogens and the Planetary Shift  topic
Taoist Cauldrons as 8 Circuit Brain Analogs  topic
Gateway of the Gods - Craig Hines  review
psychedelic google analysis over on Reality+  review
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